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Finer Details Secures Design Award for Swanston Street Redevelopment
March 25 2019

A tiny light bulb has secured the City of Melbourne an Australian International Design Award for street lighting as part of the recent $25.6 million Swanston Street CBD redevelopment.


” were used at the top of fittings, have a depreciation of 10 per cent over the life of the lamp, use 265watts of energy and have a light output of 450 lux at the base of the pole.

High Access, who managed the installation of over a hundred new light fittings, was able to wire the street so that energy was taken from a metered supply rather than from the public lighting network. This give the City of Melbourne full control over the assets and allowed the city to accurately measure the usage and energy efficiency benefits.
The height of the luminares was also aligned to scale with pedestrians instead of being placed higher for cars or roads.

“The philosophy of taking care over the small details is the City of Melbourne’s key to success,” said City of Melbourne director of Urban Design professor Rob Adams. “When you take a congested thoroughfare and try to turn it into a boulevard for public transport and pedestrians, high-quality design and attention to detail is crucial.”

“What we have with Swanston Street is a number of elements that convey the care and respect we have shown in the redevelopment of one of our most important streets.”

Swanston Street was closed to daytime public traffic in 1992 between Flinders Street and Latrobe Street and revitalised with decorative art scupltures, with the section renamed Swanston Street Walk.

After much debate traffic was completely removed from the walk in 2010 with a planned redevelopment to create a public landscape for trams, bicycles and pedestrians only.
The redevelopment included the upgrade of Disability Discrimination Act-compliant tram stops, elevated bike lines, flower beds, public art, street lighting and furniture for the new public spaces.

The redevelopment has also significantly reinvigorated the “walk” and increased the value of Swanston Street.

“Twenty years ago, the average retail rent on Swanston Street was around $25,000 a year,” Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said upon the project’s completion late last year.

“Today, that figure is more than $150,000.


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